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Woman Allegedly Choked by Ezra Miller in Iceland Details Incident: 'Grabs Me By the Throat'
"I think it's just fun and games — but then it wasn't," a woman told Variety of an incident involving Ezra Miller
Pregnant Ashley Greene Shows Off 'Poppin' Third Trimester Baby Bump in Black-and-White Photo
The actress, 35, is expecting her first baby with husband Paul Khoury
JB Somers Is Living His Truth as a Gay Musician: 'It's Crazy the Weight That Comes Off of You'
"It was in Nashville that I realized that this was not going away," Somers tells PEOPLE of accepting his sexuality, which he came to terms with in Music City
Granger Smith's Wife Amber Recalls Heartbreaking Moment She Told Her Kids Their Brother Had Died
Granger and Amber Smith's 3-year-old son River Kelly died in a tragic drowning accident in June 2019
Anna Kendrick Had a 'Great Time' Vacationing with Friends After Reported Bill Hader Split: Source
A source tells PEOPLE Anna Kendrick "was with a group of friends" on a yacht vacation last week amid her split from Bill Hader
Kimberly J. Brown Is Engaged to Her Former Halloweentown Costar Daniel Kountz: 'Love You Forever'
Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz reconnected in adulthood years after starring in Disney Channel's Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge together

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Chris Housman Proves That a Broken Heart Is Universal on 'Nobody': Anybody Can 'Insert Themselves in This Song'
"When I came out at 18, I became the first openly gay person I had ever met," Housman tells PEOPLE. "I want anybody to be able to insert themselves in the shoes of this song. That's not something always had growing up"
Wimbledon 2022: See all the Stars in the Stands
Though some of the biggest stars are already out of the tournament, celebs are still flocking to the stands
Everything to Know About Beyoncé's Renaissance Album

From the release date to the potential collaborations, here's everything to know about Beyoncé’s seventh studio album