Aging Gracefully: Watch This 91-Year-Old Lift Nearly 300 Lbs.

His name is Svend Steensgaard, and he is our new hero

Photo: Courtesy Charlie Tyrrestrup

We hope to be able to lift ourselves at 91. But at that ripe age, Svend Steensgaard is doing something much more impressive: Lifting the equivalent of two or three of himself.

In the above video, Steensgaard deadlifts 130 kilograms (that’s over 286 lbs.) during the Danish National powerlifting competition, just ahead of the 2014 Masters Weightlifting competition. (The only part of this maneuver we could handle is Steensgaard’s exhausted collapse at the end.)

Steensgaard is said to be the oldest powerlifter in the International Powerlifting Federation.

Hugh Jackman, you’re looking at your future.

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