The twin sisters shared a special bond and even married brothers
Credit: Courtesy Amy DeConcini/Facebook

Their family calls it a Christmas miracle.

A set of 90-year-old twins died 2 hours and 15 minutes apart on Christmas Day.

Martha Dixon and Mary Dickson were born on Sept. 26, 1924 in Bear Springs, Tennessee. Martha was a homemaker, while Mary worked in credit at a department store for 18 years prior to retirement, according to FOX2 in St. Louis.

The twins had even married brothers, William Dixon and Thomas E. Dickson, one of whom had to change the spelling of his last name to re-enlist in the military.

Mary, who died in their home in Granite City, Illinois, as the song “Santa Baby” was playing, kept asking her daughter, Diana Hargis, if she had found her a man. Hargis told her that if she was lucky, Santa would bring her one for Christmas.

“He did, he took her home to my dad,” Hargis told FOX2.

“For twins to go out on the same day like that, two hours apart, it’s like one had to take the steps to pass and then help other one get through that. Having them [pass away] together was peaceful but brokenhearted at the same time, Amy DeConcini, Mary’s granddaughter, told the outlet.