The child passes through security and hops on a flight undetected

By Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
October 07, 2013 02:00 PM

Vegas baby!

A 9-year-old boy hopped on a Delta flight to Las Vegas without his parents or even a boarding pass on Thursday, CBS Minnesota reports.

The boy was able to pass through security checkpoints at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and get onto a plane headed for Nevada without being detected.

However, the flight crew became suspicious of the child, who was not on their roster of unattended minors. They contacted the Las Vegas police department, who delivered the boy to child protection services upon landing, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, Patrick Hogan, said.

The Minneapolis police were also contacted and went to the boy’s residence. The parents reported to the officers that they “hadn’t seen much of him today.”

Video footage shows that the boy had also visited the airport the previous day, Hogan said. He grabbed a traveler’s bag from the carousel and had lunch outside of security checkpoints. When it came time to pay, he told the server he had to use the restroom and skipped out on the check, leaving the bag behind. The suitcase was returned to its owner and nothing had been stolen.

“Obviously, the fact that the child’s actions weren’t detected until he was in flight is concerning,” Hogan said in a statement reported by CNN. “I don’t know of another instance in my 13 years at the airport in which anything similar has happened,” he added, noting that 33 million people travel through Minneapolis’ airport each year.