May 16, 2014 11:30 AM

The last thing 8-year-old Jazmine McEnaney was expecting to do on Monday morning was help deliver her baby brother, Joseph James Snyder.

But that’s exactly what she did. And she did it flawlessly.

Jazmine’s mother, Krystle Garcia, started to go into labor two weeks early as she was getting ready for work, according to WFTS in Tampa, Florida.

“I was in the bathroom and my water broke and I yelled for her, ‘Jazmine, grab the cordless phone. Dial 911,’ ” Garcia told the local news station.

McEnaney dialed 911 at 7:02 a.m.

She told the operator, “My mom is pregnant and her water just broke. She is in so much pain.”

In what was probably the longest 13 minutes of both of their lives as they waited for paramedics to arrive, McEnaney helped her mom deliver the 5 lb., 10 oz. baby with guidance from the operator.

“It was like, kind of hard,” McEnaney said when asked about what the 911 operator asked her to do.

On the call, Garcia said, “Come here. Hold the baby’s head, please. Hold the baby’s head, please, Jazmine.”

“She did a very good job,” the proud mom said. “She definitely stayed calm when she needed to.” p = new anv_pl_def(); p.config = {}; p.config.width = 600; p.config.height = 450; p.loadVideoExpressV3(‘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|1000011|SPS’);

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