Erica Snyder
June 10, 2016 11:05 AM

Does the end of the week have you feeling a little down? Reading real news have you depressed? Well, you’ve found the spot for an instant mood boost.

To celebrate the Saturday premiere of PEOPLE and ABC’s new series People’s List, we’ve rounded up eight stories that left us feeling a little bit better today.

1. The hot dog princess
Ainsley Turner earned admirers all over the Internet when she dared to be different. While her friends flaunted their tutus and tiaras, the North Carolina 5-year-old showed up to her dance school’s “Princess Day” dressed as a hot dog.

Although the now-infamous class took place on May 9, #HotDogPrincess recently catapulted the tyke to social media fame.

“No parent is ready to learn that their daughter is trending….#hotdogprincess. Best part is it was all her idea!” Turner’s dad Brandon wrote about the phenomenon on Twitter. “She just loves hot dogs!”

2. Wayne Gretzky’s heartwarming friendship
PEOPLE caught up with the hockey legend to chat about his relationship with Joey Moss, the brother of Gretzky’s former girlfriend. “The Great One” met Moss, who has Down syndrome, more than three decades ago and has since helped transform his friend’s life.

Photographs by Alyson Aliano

“Pretty much from the day I met him I was conscious that I wanted to make sure he was taken care of,” Gretzky tells PEOPLE.

To Gretzky, “taking care” meant securing Moss a locker room attendant job with the Edmonton Oilers, making sure he had a place to live after his mother’s death and raising money for the Winnifred Stewart Association, which helps find housing and other services to people like Joey.

“Joey and Wayne have just always just gotten along like peas and carrots. He loves to spoil him,” says Moss’s brother Stephen.

3. Skinny Vinnie’s weight loss
Nine-year-old Dachshund Vinnie has gone through an amazing transformation since last August.

Jack Thompson

The once-obese pup has a whole new life after losing 23 lbs., PEOPLE learned when we checked in on his progress this week.

“He’s a very good example of strength and endurance,” says Vinnie’s owner Melissa Anderson, who decided to adopt after fostering the dog. “All of the things that have happened to him – it kind of helps put your life in perspective. We all marvel at his accomplishments because we’ve been here with the whole time and not for one day has he been reluctant or expressed any kind animosity about all of the things he’s had to do like limit his food and follow the rules of this house.”

4. Taylor Swift’s wedding surprise
The superstar truly made some wildest dreams come true with her surprise appearance at fans Max Singer and Kenya Smith’s wedding.

Singer’s sister reached out to Swift in April when she shared the story of her brother dancing to “Blank Space” with his mother in the hospital shortly before her death. Naturally, the singer showed up to sing the hit at his wedding reception.

The tear-jerking surprise was captured in a Facebook video that will leave you equal parts crying and smiling uncontrollably.

5. Galaxy doughnuts
Cutesy foodies have a whole new treat to drool over (sorry rainbow bagels).

Galaxy doughnuts have become all the rage among Instagram food lovers, and just looking at the edible glitter-covered pastries is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. Adele’s Spice Girls cover
Two iconic British musical acts came together when Adele took the stage in Amsterdam.

The “Hello” singer gave a brief but glorious cover of “Spice Up Your Life” during her concert, and now we’re crossing our fingers a new girl-powered super group is in the works.

7. Sheep town takeover
A shepherd’s accidental nap resulted in a town full of sheep on Tuesday in Huesca, Spain.

The 1,300-member flock was safely re-herded back to the pastures, but not before being filmed for a couple of amusing clips.

8. Ben Affleck’s friend-filled throwbacks
In honor of Wednesday’s National Best Friends Day, Ben Affleck shared adorable throwback photos of good times past with his longtime comrade Matt Damon.

“This guy,” Affleck captioned the charming collage of pics, one of which features Damon shoving the Oscar-winner’s face into his birthday cake.

The trip down memory lane surely pleased Good Will Hunting fans and anyone else who can appreciate a decades-spanning friendship.

People’s List premieres Saturday, June 11, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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