Check-out the happiest stories of the week in honor of the limited series People's List
Credit: Courtesy The Wilsons

The end of the week is the perfect time to stop and appreciate all the reasons you have to smile.

To give you a head start on your weekend high and celebrate the limited series People’s List, which airs Saturday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, we’ve gathered some of our favorite recent mood-boosting stories.

Baseball parks around the country welcome dogs
It really is becoming the dog days of summer as more and more ball parks adopt pooch-friendly policies. The Arizona Diamondbacks have hosted an annual Bark at the Park Day for five years, and now Phoenix’s Chase Field is offering Dog Days of Summer packages that include semi-private spaces where pets are welcome.

Additionally this year, the San Diego Padres introduced the Barkyard, a section of left-center field box seats with pup-friendly amenities.

Twelve other professional franchises, including the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets, are inviting dogs to their stadiums for special events throughout the season so you’ll be able to root for the home team while hiding your Cracker Jack from Fido.

Photographers capture parents’ first moments with their newborn babies
Lucky families are now getting one of the most magical moments of their lives preserved on camera.

Sydney, Australia-based photographer River Bennett launched The First Hello Project with colleague Bel Pangburn after being hired to shoot a birth.

“Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful and life-changing moments in someone’s life,” Bennett told PEOPLE. “Having it documented in beautiful imagery means they can remember and treasure it forever.”

“Capturing a parent say their First Hello to their child is incredibly powerful, moving and a huge honor,” she added.

Prince George makes adorable visit to an air show
The almost-3-year-old prince joined his parents at an official royal engagement for the very first time on July 8, and gifted us all with some of his cutest photos yet.

Prince William, Princess Kate and their son surprised the crowds at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Royal Air Force Fairford, where they enjoyed close looks at the cockpits of a squirrel helicopter and a Red Arrow Hawk jet.

“He seemed overawed with the noise and being inside a helicopter,” Flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk told PEOPLE about Prince George. “We shut the doors so they could have a quiet moment to themselves. The Duke was telling him, ‘I used to fly these.’ George was very quiet.”

Russell Wilson and Ciara tie the knot
The Seattle Seahawks quarterback and the singer were married in a fairy tale ceremony at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

The bride’s fit-for-a-princess gown and mega-watt wedding bands were inspiration for all of our wedding dream books. And the couple’s excitement couldn’t help but make us feel a little bit more optimistic about love: “Overflow of Blessings! God is so good!” Wilson wrote on Twitter after the ceremony.

Bear and cat become best friends
Sometimes friendship prevails in even the most unlikely of circumstances, as proven by a startling companionship that blossomed at Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary in California.

A 550-lb. black bear named Sequoia quickly bonded with a stray cat that wandered into his enclosure. The two reportedly now spend their days side-by-side with the aptly named feline, Little Bear, following Sequoia wherever he goes.

“The cat pretty much ignored female Tahoe, but apparently the female cat, now called Little Bear by a zookeeper, is working to becoming male bear Sequoia’s new best friend,” the zoo said in a statement about the kitty’s arrival. “Often when Sequoia takes a hike through the ‘bear forest’ his cat friend walks with him. She rubs against walls and visitors can hear her raspy purr from quite a distance.”

Grandpa builds Disneyland-themed park in his backyard for grandkids
Grandparent goals have just been majorly elevated. Steve Dobbs of Fullerton, California, recently finished building a Disneyland-inspired playground behind his house after more than three years of planning.

“My younger grandkids are nuts about Disneyland. I wanted to give them a reason to come over to my house to spend time with me, and Disneyland is tough to compete with,” the retired aerospace engineer told The Orange County Register.

The Spice Girls tease a reunion on the 20th anniversary of “Wannabe”
Spice Girls devotees got an extra-special surprise on Friday as they celebrated the birthday of the group’s classic anthem. Scary Spice (Melanie Brown), Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) and Ginger Spice (Geri Haliwell) gathered on YouTube to tease “the best fans in the whole entire world” with hints of a new project.

“You’ve stood by us for 20 years, and we want to say a big thank-you,” Haliwell told the camera.

“We want to celebrate, and have a party,” continued Brown. “And when we do, you’re all invited!”

It’s not clear when this joyous celebration will take place, but when it does we’ll definitely be there, decked out in our ’90s best.

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