"Out with the ex, bring in with the next," is the campaign slogan for freckle-faced James Tufts, who hopes to replace brother Bobby as Dorset, Minn., Mayor

By Wade Rouse
Updated July 29, 2015 05:05 PM

Finally, a campaign story that will make you smile.

Three-year-old James Tufts is running for mayor of Dorset, Minn., WCCO 4 CBS Minnesota reports – and he’s hoping to follow in the political path of his of his older brother, 6-year-old Robert (Bobby) Tufts, a two-term mayor dubbed “America’s cutest former mayor.”

In the small, northwestern Minnesota town of Dorset, a dollar buys candidates their names in a jar, with each dollar granting the freckle-faced, fedora-wearing James one more chance that his name will be drawn at random to become mayor.

In the tiny unincorporated community of 25, the mayor wields no power, has not duties and draws no salary, but brings plenty of goodwill, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

“Out with the ex, bring in with the next,” is James’ campaign slogan.

James certainly has a wonderful role model in his older, politically savvy brother. Bobby says he’s helping his baby brother because “my mom said I have to I’m the older brother I’ve been it before so I can help him do it.”

And he is.

“Use your right hand, not your left hand, James,” Bobby instructs his younger brother before hitting the campaign trail. “Say ‘Welcome to Dorset, please vote for me,'” Bobby continues.

“Welcome to Dorset, please vote for me,” James replies adorably.

In this era of partisan politics and rancor in Washington, DC, the brothers are striking a chord with voters.

Bobby’s best advice? “To not talk poopy to people. To be nice.”

And what would James do if elected mayor? “Eat ice cream all day.”

It’s that type of unbridled sweetness and “good leadership” – as one Dorset voter puts it – that makes the local citizens believe “he’s going to make it.”

“We are hoping that little Jimmy will win,” says a voter from the local ice cream truck, “because I can’t imagine having anything cuter than Jimmy for mayor.”

If James is elected on Sunday, Aug. 2, reports CBS Minnesota, he will be two days younger than Bobby was when he was first swept into office.