The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are heading the investigation.


Six people have died after a small private aircraft crashed while landing at a Virginia airport, according to reports.

The accident occurred at Shannon Airport near Fredericksburg when the plane, which was reportedly attempting to land, pulled up at the end of the runway and continued flying to the end of the airport where it crashed into a line of trees, the Associated Press reports.

According to CNN the plane immediately caught fire.

Rescue workers were reportedly able to pull all six bodies from the wreck, but names of the victims have not been released, as police are waiting until family is notified.

The AP reports that all six victims were from out of state, and their bodies will remain in the custody of the chief medical examiner’s office for official identification.

Tanya Aquino, who was travelling on an Amtrak that passed the scene of the crash, told the news organization the conductor warned passengers of a fire along the route, as a result of a nearby plane crash. Meanwhile another train passenger described the plane as “completely decimated.”

“When I heard there was a fire, it was such a hot day, I was hoping it was just a brush fire,” Aquino said. “It looked so terrible the way the plane had landed.”

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are handling the investigation.