6 Brothers Welcome First Girl Into the Family: 'They Were Worried She Would Paint Everything Pink,' Says Mom

"I want her to be the tomboy in our family," 10-year-old Campbell Lair tells PEOPLE

Photo: Courtesy Lair Family

Ten-year-old Campbell Lair is really worried about all the pink. Five-year-old Houston ran away (briefly) when he heard a girl was coming, and 13-year-old Jackson is most worried about when 4-week-old Ruby will bring a boyfriend around the house.

The Lair brothers, six of them in all, have just welcomed the first girl to the family.

“They have lost their minds,” mom Cher Lair says laughing.

In the best way possible.

“Before she was born, they were bewildered, they were not sure, they were worried she would paint everything pink,” she tells PEOPLE. “And my 5-year-old didn’t want to see granny panties. I don’t even know how he knows about granny panties! Now though, they are obsessed with her, just want to kiss her and hold her all the time.”

Cher, 36 and her husband, Stephen, 38, live in Apex, North Carolina, now, but met in New York when both were trying to make it as singers/actors.

“We were babies back then!” she says.

The couple married not long after graduating college and started a family sooner than expected.

“I was doing my career thing, doing Broadway tours, hadn’t thought about it. We did not plan our fist – he surprised us. And we never planned on seven. We both come from small families,” she says.

One after the next, the couple welcomed boys, loving every minute of it. Their oldest is 13 and their youngest son, Knox, is 2 years old.

So when they got pregnant again and a friend suggested a gender reveal party, Cher just laughed. “That’s going to be the most anti-climactic reveal ever,” she remembers thinking.

But they went ahead with the party and the stay-at-home mom admits, “I wanted a girl. A boy would have been amazing, I would have been happy with a seventh boy, but I was definitely harboring that little thought in the back of mind – me and her staying up late and talking and shopping, and prom..pedicures.. the stuff my mom and I do.”

Sure enough, when they cut into the cake, it was pink! And a month ago, the family brought Ruby home.

“She is the cutest baby ever,” 10-year-old Campbell says, admitting he loves seeing her in her “cute Sunday dresses.”

“I want to teach her. I want her to be the tomboy in our family,” he adds. “Try to make sure she doesn’t become a diva when she grows up. You know, a sassy little girl.”

The family just bought a special van to accommodate nine people, but mom admits they may not be done yet.

“The door is open and we’re not really in charge. God is smart,” she says. “I hate to think what if we say no and there’s some great other kid coming down the pike…might be the one to cure cancer or be the next president…”

Watch the Lair brothers take turns holding baby Ruby in a video from newsobserver.com.

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