October 12, 2016 12:21 PM

Some stars manage to venture out in public unnoticed with the help of strategically designed, expertly inconspicuous disguises. These are not those stars.

Instead, these film, music and sports pros opted for undercover outfits that were bad at protecting their identities, but really great at entertaining us.

Justin Bieber
In October, the Purpose singer stepped out in Amsterdam sporting a brown wig, faux facial hair and aviator sunglasses. Somehow, not-so-eagle-eyed onlookers managed to see past Bieber’s disheveled disguise.

A video from the outing revealed that Bieber may have been aware his incognito attempt was less than impressive. “Does this look real?” he asked a passerby.

Shaquille O’Neal
The basketball star teamed up with Lyft to go undercover as an Atlanta driver. During his brief tenure as a chauffeur, O’Neal donned several hilariously ineffective disguises, including a rasta-inspired getup, a “French” ensemble complete with a beret and a blond, curly “bracelet maker” persona.

Some of his passengers were suspicious.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Over his decades in the spotlight, DiCaprio has employed a plethora of disguise tactics ranging from the subtle and low profile to the extremely ineffective at diverting attention. Some of his greatest hits, including black rubber mask and umbrella head, are celebrated on social media to this day.

David Beckham

Ellen DeGeneres convinced the soccer star to go undercover as a Target cologne salesman, concealing his athletic good looks with khaki pants, a polo and a baseball cap.

As a crowd of shoppers gathered around the “employee,” it became clear his half-hearted attempt at going unnoticed had failed.

“Do I sound like [David Beckham?]” he asked one shopper. “Yes, you are him,” she replied.

In order to find out what the public really thought about him in 2014, the rapper put on his best fake beard, black glasses and wig to take to the streets of Hollywood for Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Lie Witness News.

Drake’s costume was surprisingly successful: He managed to trick both his diehard fans and haters, leading to some sidesplitting conversations.

Dustin Hoffman
In 2006, the actor walked out of a store in Paris wearing the world’s most celebrated bad disguise: a bag over the head.


Arnold Schwarzenegger
To raise money for his After-School All-Stars program, Schwarzenegger posed as a gym employee in Venice, California. His disguise consisted of the gym’s uniform, a fake mustache and a ponytail. Shockingly, many gym-goers were able to recognize the bodybuilding legend despite the look.

Ashton Kutcher
The Lenovo product engineer went undercover as “Coordrey,” an Australian working at an electronics store. He managed to fool patrons with his shaggy blond wig, mustache and fake piercing, presumably because they didn’t know what Ashton Kutcher looks like.

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