A giant billboard featuring the star is just outside of his Manhattan apartment

By Ellen Tumposky
Updated August 10, 2007 11:15 AM
Mike Flokis/Getty

Matt Damon can’t escape the huge publicity blitz for his new movie The Bourne Ultimatum – it’s literally all over his home.

Universal Studios has placed an ad featuring a towering image of the actor in his role as the hunted CIA agent on the side of the Manhattan co-op apartment building where Damon, 36, lives with his wife, Luciana, and daughter Isabella.

The 50-foot-high poster, which was originally spotted by The Smoking Gun Web site, shows Damon’s character, Jason Bourne, walking down a street with a gun in his hand, with the ad art accompanied by the tagline “Bourne Comes Home.”

“Home,” however, refers to the movie character’s domestic base of operations, not the Damon family’s loft in the six-story building.

The Bourne Ultimatum

, the third screen installment from the series of novels by the late Robert Ludlum, grossed nearly $70 million in its opening weekend starting last Friday, giving the thriller the best August opening for a movie ever.

The popularity of the series has solidified Damon’s position as the movie industry’s most bankable star, according to Forbes magazine. As the financial magazine calculated, for every dollar Damon was paid for his last three roles, theleading man brought in $29 of gross box-office income.

In a recent PEOPLE interview, Damon refused to rule out another Bourne installation.

He also attributed his haggard look in the film (in which he is always barely one step away from one type of killer or another) to sleeplessness associated with having a 1-year-old child.