50 Cent to Host an Open House on 'Cribs'

The rapper is asking $18.5 million for the 19-bedroom Connecticut mansion


No need to travel to Farmington, Conn., to check out 50 Cent’s place. He’ll gladly show you around the mammoth property, now on the market for $18.5 million, Thursday night on MTV’s Cribs.

The rapper has extensively renovated the 19-bedroom property since buying it from Mike Tyson three years ago. “It kind of had a Miami Vice feel,” the 32-year-old rapper tells the Associated Press. “It was like turquoise blue on the floor and purple. It was crazy looking when I got there.”

The 48,000-square-foot home now features a basement music studio and a nightclub. When he finishes a new track, 50 says, “Right from the studio I will go into the nightclub area in order to play it and see what it would sound like.”

The property has three giant wings, and 50 says he often doesn’t even know when he has guests staying. Yet he insists his personal designing style is not overly grand.

“I like the look of an Architectural Digest,” he says. “There’s a lot of good living going on, and it ain’t based [on] the actual money that’s being spent, it’s the choices that people make. You don’t have to buy a $50 million home to build a lifestyle that’s equivalent.”

What’s his plan for his next abode? “It might be a lot smaller,” he says. “The basics – maybe four or five bedrooms.”

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