50 Cent Arrested in the Caribbean for Cursing During Concert

50 Cent had to pay a fine as a result of the charge, according to TMZ

Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage

50 Cent was reportedly arrested this weekend for using profanity during a concert on the Caribbean’s Saint Kitts – which is illegal there.

The rapper (né Curtis Jackson), 40, was booked by police for using profanity in public after he said “motherf—er” during a show on the island Saturday night, TMZ reports.

According to TMZ, the rapper had reportedly been warned about using profanity, but in video apparently taken during the concert, he can clearly be heard shouting the obscenity.

However, 50 Cent’s rep Amanda Ruisi said in a statement to PEOPLE that the rapper hadn’t planned on performing that night.

“Mr. Jackson was only booked to host the show, when he arrived at the festival organizers asked him to perform, he obliged and used the DJ they had there,” the rep said.

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“Unfortunately, they didn’t have the clean version to his tracks, so there were profanities used during his performance. The show was a great success and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that he leaves the “motherf—-ers” in the United States.”

50 Cent had to pay a fine as a result of the charge, according to TMZ.

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