5-Year-Old with Terminal Brain Cancer Lives Out Dreams by Becoming Firefighter, Policeman and Pilot

"He's happy, hard to explain because he's beyond what you would expect from a 5-year-old with cancer," Kristina Taylor said of her son

Photo: Source: GoFundMe

When Kristina Taylor learned that her 5-year-old son Camden has only months to live, she resolved to fill his remaining time with as much joy as possible.

“It’s horrible, absolutely horrible of a feeling to know that one day you are going to bury your child and that you have limited time,” Kristina told WHAS11. “It means the world – every day – that I can get a smile on his face and make him the happiest child that I can make him.”

Camden has stage four brain cancer. After brain surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy, Camden’s cancer stopped responding to treatment in January. Doctors said he had just months to live.

Since then, the family’s Louisville, Kentucky, community has done everything in its power to help make Camden’s wishes come true. Earlier this month, the Louisville Metro Police Department invited Camden to join them for a day that included a helicopter ride, meeting with the K-9 unit and a ride on a patrol horse.

“We wanted to make him happy, to make him remember, hey, he is important and special,” Officer Russell Miller, with LMPD’s 7th Division told the news station.

Last week, two more of Camden’s wishes were granted thanks to the Kentucky Air National Guard firefighters. On Thursday, Camden underwent a crash course in firefighting and even had the chance to fly a plane.

“[He’s] great little guy, not a care in the world,” Tech Sgt. John Martin told WLKY.

“He’s happy, hard to explain because he’s beyond what you would expect from a 5-year-old with cancer,” Kristina added.

Camden’s other wishes that have been granted include a trip to the zoo, the aquarium, and a make a wish trip to Disney World.

“We are so happy to be making these memories with him before his time,” Kristina wrote on GoFundMe. “Camden is such an amazing [little] boy and lights everyone’s world and brings so many smiles.”

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