5-Year-Old Girl Has Some Very Deep Thoughts on Love After Her Playground Break Up

Quinn has already experienced the ups and downs of love

Photo: Source: Sloane Heffernan/Facebook

Five-year-old Quinn is a deep thinker.

She thinks a lot, for example, about love. While staring out of car windows. And her mom, Sloane Heffernan, is not allowed to take those stories with anything but absolute seriousness. “She gets so mad if I even crack a smile,” Heffernan wrote on Facebook. “I’ve learned to take her ‘stories’ seriously.”

In the clip, which has notched over 15,000 views on Facebook, Quinn discusses her boy problems and opines that maybe she’s a little too young for a relationship.

Mom Sloane tells PEOPLE: “Quinn is 5 going on 25! She is a precocious little girl who is wise beyond her years. She has this boyfriend who she claims she’s already kissed on the playground. Then another little boy started pursuing her this week and suddenly things got complicated!

“I was driving her home from preschool on Wednesday (hence the ashes on her head) when she started telling me about her ‘boy troubles.’ She is a born actress, so she did not hesitate when I asked if I could record the conversation.

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“According to her, she broke up with the first little boy and said ‘I should have told you this a long time ago!’ ”

Quinn: A natural philosopher and a born heartbreaker.


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