Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight started their career as YouTube stars on their mother Mindy's hairstyling channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, which fully supports the family of eight off of its revenue alone
Credit: Peter Larsen/Getty

Some call them the dynamic duo.

Identical twins Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight have accumulated over 2.5 million subscribers and more than 280 million video views on their fashion, beauty and “all things fun” YouTube channel Brooklyn And Bailey since they created it in March 2013.

Here are five things you need to know about 16-year-old internet sensations:

1. Fans interacted with the back of their heads for much too long before demanding to be introduced to the real deal.

The girls got their start as contributors to their mother Mindy’s channel Cute Girls Hairstyles, which is the top hairstyling channel on YouTube and brings in enough revenue to support their family of eight.

“Our mom’s channel has been niche in hair tutorials from the beginning, with us acting basically as hair models up until a few years ago,” Bailey tells PEOPLE. “Since viewers pretty much only ever saw the backs of our heads, they often commented wanting to know more about us.”

Adds Brooklyn: “In a lot of ways, it made sense to start BrooklynAndBailey, what we call a “Grow Up With Us” channel, where our viewers could get to know us better as twins and experience many things that teen girls go through…. getting braces, beginner makeup, babysitting tips, dating advice, budget fashion tips, fun family activities.”

2. They love makeup and may (eventually) end up with their own line!

“We would love to either launch our own mascara line, or partner with a known brand on one,” says Brooklyn. “A high percentage of our YouTube comments come from viewers either complimenting us on our eyes, or wanting to know which mascara we use!”

3. As you’ll come to find, they’re extraordinarily passionate about their education.

“Our parents told us from the very beginning that school is our number one job, then family, then YouTube,” Brooklyn says of their not-so-easy schedule.

Adds Bailey: “Our parents do a good job helping to take care of things while we are at school, so we can stay in traditional school and to be involved as much as we can. We also have great teachers and school administrators who understand what we do, and are as flexible as they can within the policies.”

4. Can you get a Bachelor’s degree in YouTube?

“Education is very important in our family and we both plan on going to college,” says Brooklyn about following in their parents’ footsteps and continuing their education through college. “It’s crazy to think that this is our Junior year, where we’ll take the ACT and begin taking college campus tours!”

“We plan on continuing YouTube either at school together or at separate universities,” Bailey adds. “It may even be that we do online course work for a while to allow for our travel schedule.”

5. Nope, but that’s A-Okay.

Bailey wants a career in Marketing with a Minor in Broadcast Journalism, while Brooklyn wants to study business or possibly become a child psychiatrist.