#BlessUp: 5 Things We Learned From DJ Khaled's Snapchat and How He's More Supportive Than Any of Your Friends

Apparently, "they" don't want us to eat breakfast

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If you’re not following @djkhaled305 on Snapchat, you’re missing out on some major keys to success.

In recent weeks, DJ Khaled (né Khaled Mohamed Khaled) has dominated the world of Snapchat. With his motivational talks and outrageous adventures, the producer and record label executive – responsible for hits like “Hold You Down” and “All I Do Is Win” – has managed to become one of the most inspirational (and hilarious) Snappers of 2016.

Here are five things we learned from DJ Khaled’s Snapchat:

1. He Has Major Keys to Success

Khaled’s Snap stories, which span the length of his day (yes, his entire day), usually in and around his Miami home, seem to focus on the DJ’s business acumen and life lessons, which he calls “major keys to success.”

“Major key. You could lose big business deals if your breath ain’t good. Trust me,” the 40-year-old said in a recent snap.


But his words (or keys) of wisdom are also for the average, everyday non-millionaire.

“Watch your back!” he cautioned his fans in one snap. “But more importantly, when you get out the shower, dry your back. It’s a cold world out there.”

Here’s, as Khaled would say, “another one:” “The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows.”

Excuse me while I run to Target.

2. Business is booming (just ask Ben)!

A staple of the Khaled’s Snap stories is a baby-faced, white kid known only as “Ben.”

At least once, sometimes several, times a day, the producer will ask the “young boss” a simple question.

“Ben, how’s business?!”

Ben’s reply: “Boomin’!”

Ben’s presence on the DJ’s Snap stories was initially a mystery to many. But, as it turns out, the teen is 16-year-old Benjamin Kapelushnik, a successful sneaker reseller, Complex Magazine reports. Khaled is one of the teen’s biggest customers.

So, it looks like business actually is “boomin’!”

3. DJ Khaled Was Once Lost at Sea

Yes, lost at sea. In one of his most adventurous Snapchat displays, the 40-year-old producer allegedly got lost while riding his jet ski at night. The riveting (and comical) string of Snaps followed the DJ as he rode around on the water in search of land.

“It’s so dark out here. We don’t know where the hell we at, but the key is to make it,” Khaled is heard saying in one of the Snaps. “The key is never give up. It’s not easy to win. I know that the key is to make it.”

After nearly two minutes of Snaps, the 40-year-old was apparently safe and sound. In true Khaled form, he left fans with a very important key to success.

“The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark this ain’t right.”

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4. Apparently, They Don’t Want Us to Eat Breakfast

According to Khaled, they don’t want us to enjoy the most important meal of the day. In multiple snaps, now some of his most famous displays, the DJ announced what “they don’t want” us to do, have or eat.

It is unclear who “they” are, exactly, and why they don’t want us to do several things including “have a fresh cut,” “smile,” “have a No. 1 record,” “do interviews,” “enjoy yourself over the weekend” or “eat lunch.”

But, ever the rebel, Khaled isn’t one to let them dictate what he can and cannot do.

His “they don’t want you to” series got the Kardashian treatment in a recent Snap when he met up with Kim Kardashian West to drop a “Major [key] alert!!!”

“Ayo, Kim, they don’t want you to wear the Saint Laurent fur. They don’t want you to break the app store. They don’t want you to be the biggest boss in the game.”

The Khaled motivation seems to have had an effect on Kardashian West. The mom-of-two posted the Snap on her Instagram account with the caption, “Should I? #SNAPCHAT.”

5. He’s More Supportive Than Any of Your Friends

He may be a wealthy producer who hangs out with the likes of Diddy and Justin Bieber. But Khaled is just like us

Along with filming the mundane minutiae of his life, Khaled makes time to encourage and support his friends (that’s us).

“When you’re close to the victory line, expect a lot of surprises and road blocks,” he said in one Snap. “Stay focused, overcome it. That’s how the great ones [do].

In another Snap, Khaled gave more words of wisdom: “It’s called being good. It’s called love. It’s called clean heart, clean soul. It’s called ‘be better than them.’ Be focused.”

Another: “They will try to close the door on you. Just open it. Just open it. We don’t see them. We will never stop,” he said.

Thank you, DJ Khaled. Thank you.

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