The 15-year-old YouTube singing sensation is pals with Taylor Swift, for starters

By Jessica Herndon
Updated January 08, 2010 09:40 AM

Justin Bieber, the YouTube sensation who’s making the girls scream over his sweet smile and even sweeter voice, is swiftly becoming pop’s new leading man. Not even in possession of a driver’s license – “I have my permit,” he assures – the 15-year-old has already landed four songs from his debut album My World on the charts, including the hit “One Time.”

But despite his tender age, there is more to Justin Bieber. Here are five things you didn’t know about the teen dream.

1. He was raised in Canada, but currently lives in Atlanta
“I grew up in Stratford, Ontario,” he says. “It’s a little town of like 30,000 people.” He’s since moved to Atlanta with his mother to record and absorb from his mentor Usher, who also resides in Atlanta. “Usher is like a big brother,” says Bieber.

2. He’s on the market
“I’m single and ready to mingle,” he proclaims. Indeed: Asked if he’s shocked by the great attention he’s been receiving from ladies, Bieber replied, “Not really. It’s awesome. What 15-year-old boy wouldn’t want girls chasing after them all day long?”

3. He’s pals with Taylor Swift
“We talk on AIM and I text her every once in a while,” Bieber says about the country singer. “We’re friends. Taylor is a really nice person.”

4. He wants to go to college
He doesn’t fill his time playing PlayStation or watching videos of Michael Jackson, one of his influences, on his tour bus. Instead Bieber hits the books. “I have a tutor,” he says. “I want to go to college. As Asher Roth says, I think college would be a blast.” And a prospective major? “I’m good at English,” he says. “I like to write.”

5. He plays four instruments
He’s a wiz on the guitar, piano, drums and trumpet. And though he’s pretty sure picking up another instrument would be difficult, he says he’s up for the challenge, noting, “It would be cool to learn the violin.”