Get to know the guy at the side of American Idol's rock 'n' roll runner-up

Credit: Banks/Splash News Online

Since becoming American Idol‘s runner-up on May 20, Adam Lambert has been stepping out with a friend whom many Lambert fans recognize from the show. His name is Drake LaBry and a source tells PEOPLE, “He’s been Adam’s best friend and totally there with him through this whole [Idol] process.” Several times he sat with Lambert’s parents in the audience during the show.

Here are five things to know about Drake LaBry:

1. He’s a Southern Gentleman
Despite being spotted partying at West Hollywood nightclubs like Guys & Dolls and shopping at Kitson, LaBry comes from Louisiana and has a Cajun accent to prove it. In fact, he still lives there – at least for now. “He comes to L.A. a lot and may end up moving here,” a source tells PEOPLE.

2. He’s an Artistic Type
LaBry is an interior designer and a painter, but “he is super normal and down-to-earth,” the source says.

3. He’s Been Inked
In addition to a tattoo on his arm, a source says he has two tattoos – birds, to be exact – on his chest.

4. He’s No Fair-Weather Friend
LaBry and Lambert have been pals for years. “He has never experienced anything like this – the paparazzi or attention,” the source says of LaBry and his sudden fame-by-association. “It’s very shocking to him.”

5. He’s Got the Travel Bug
LaBry’s backpacking trip with friends through France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain was documented in a series of YouTube clips that include footage of him swimming, waiting for a train, watching Shetland ponies and dancing to his iPod in the Swiss Alps.