Credit: Gisela Schober/Getty

We’ve clearly been using Snapchat all wrong. Apparently, it’s possible to find true love on the app! (Meanwhile, we’ve been sending morning selfies and sandwich pics to friends, remaining single and alone 5ever.)

Here are three of the most beautiful, fairy-tale-like Snapchat love stories of all time.

1. The University of Wisconsin in Madison’s Snapchat Story brings two strangers together.

Reed Bjork, a UW student, found out he had an admirer in Abby Diamond, who had posted a plea to the local campus story at 11 a.m.: “To the guy wearing the Vikings jersey in the UW Snap Story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me.” Bjork’s friend told him to check the story, and he was very interested in meeting this girl. “To the girl from Memorial Library. It looks like they took down my first snap. That’s ok, if it’s fate maybe they’ll post this one. Meet me here,” he snapped. Other students followed their back-and-forth and posted Snaps of support until they both ended up meeting at a local campus bar at 1:30 a.m. – and their first date was captured on Snapchat, of course.

“It was kind of like Romeo and Juliet …They were rooting for us to get together,” Diamond told Mashable. And from what we hear they’re still hanging out. Get ittttt.

2. Trevor and Madison meet via the ‘Epic Night Utah State’ Snapchat Story.

A girl at Utah State known as “Spoiler Girl” had been spoiling films on the campus story for weeks. After several reaction snaps, she challenged her ‘haters’ to meet her at the library. Trevor, who was studying for his Investment Banking final, decided to procrastinate and posted to the snap story. A mystery girl then responded to him, wishing him good luck on his final (as her friend screamed behind her, “You’re hot!”)

Someone snapped a suggestion that Trevor and mystery girl should date, proposing they meet up in the library. Another person suggested they have a library dance battle and that’s exactly what happened. (They had their first kiss in front of a screaming crowd, NBD.)

3. Couple meets on Snapchat – and gets married, even though they live 5,000 miles apart.

An 18-year old graphic designer from Cornwall named Nathan Treweek met the love of his life – a 20-year-old baker on the coast of Washington – and married her eight months later after meeting her in person only once!

The newlyweds found each other’s Snapchat accounts on a website called Tickld. Almost immediately, they connected, staying up all night sending each other video and photo snaps. The first time they spoke on Skype, sparks flew.

“I found her stunning, and fell in love with her then and there – though I still don t really believe in love at first sight,” he told the Tab. “For her, the first impression was one of excitement. The first time she heard my accent she asked me if it was, and I quote, ‘fake.'”

Now, the two are blissfully married.

“I would move anywhere for my wife. To experience more happiness and finding someone that thinks, feels and lives how I do is something I will never regret,” Treweek says.