By Alex Heigl
Updated March 16, 2016 02:25 PM

Rob, Rob, Rob. Sweet, sweet Rob. You’re too good for this world.

Though the Quiet Kardashian eschews the degree of celebrity his sisters have ascended to, he maintains a relatively robust social media presence. In addition to his Instagram account, where you can frequently discover pictures of he and lady love Blacc Chyna, Rob maintains a Twitter account that’s just well, full of thoughts. Here are 29 to celebrate his 29th birthday. (No context given or needed.)

This was an accurate statement.



This could either be a reference to the popular animated series of the same name or an announcement that Rob was having an adventure.

Again, he could be talking about the movie or this could be an exhortation to class warfare.


He really is.

No they don’t. They call you Rob. Or “Mr. Kardashian.”


Rob doesn’t like apple sauce.

That’s a good number of kids.

No, Rob. These are your thoughts and we cherish them.

Rob likes L.A.

It must be.


Our dad feels the same way.

It’s currently unclear which option he went with.

We want this on a poster.

So were u, Rob. So were u.

It did.

Rob beat Adele to “Hello.”

But L.A. doesn’t have seasons?

And a very good director!


Makes sense to us.

None of us do, Rob.

Words to live by.