By People Staff
Updated February 09, 2016 03:00 PM

You know how sometimes you see a picture of a normal, every day object and it just kind of makes you feel, well, weird? Like, maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram, and you stumble across a picture of a beehive and it feels a bit like that time you ate that leftover pizza that had been sitting in your fridge for just a day too long and you were vaguely nauseous for the rest of the day?

Yeah, turns out that it’s something that a lot of people experience – it’s called trypophobia, and it’s the fear of hole, specifically irregular clusters of holes.

Like, say, the ones found in pomegranates:

Or bee hives:

Or natural rock formations:

And sometimes even in your morning coffee:

Did those pictures make you feel deeply, deeply uncomfortable – or nauseous or anxious or like you’ve been punched in the stomach a few times by a ghost with incredible upper body strength?

How about this one?

Have you ever seen okra cut in half?

What about the inside of a cantelope?

Would spotting a lotus seed head make you run in terror?

You might want to skip these art installations, then

And maybe skip the Swiss cheese on your next sandwich

Roasted garlic: delicious, but horrifying:

Who knew bubbles could make you so anxious?

And let’s get one last look at that creepy weird pomegranate: