21-Year-Old Freezes to Death After Leaving Party in Shorts and a Tank Top in -6-Degree Cold

Windchills have been between -20 and -30 degrees in Wisconsin

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A 21-year-old woman froze to death in Wisconsin after leaving a house party wearing shorts, a tank top and no coat in weather that was -6 degrees, authorities say.

Elizabeth Luebke was found dead about 9 a.m. Sunday just a few blocks from the Milwaukee house where she was partying with friends, according to the Associated Press.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office said Luebke had been “reportedly in the area for a concert,” Fox6 News reports.

Surveillance video from a nearby business shows Luebke collapsing outside of a home at around 4:30 a.m., the AP reports.

Luebke was intoxicated and “not dressed for the elements” in shorts, tights and a tank top, the medical examiner told WTAQ. The AP added that she wasn’t wearing a coat.

The temperature was around -5.8 degrees with a wind chill of -27.5 degrees when the passerby called 911, according to Fox6.

Luebke’s mother, Kathryn Luebke, filed a missing person report and drove to Milwaukee after someone alerted her that she was unaccounted for, according to Fox6. Kathryn told police that her daughter had a history of alcohol abuse and had been hospitalized in October with a blood alcohol content of 0.40 percent – five times the legal limit to drive, the AP reported.

A friend told Fox6 that Luebke went by the name Lana Kane was was “really, really drunk” on Sunday and that “she got mad at her other friend and she stormed out” of the house party.

“She’s a really sweet person,” the friend told Fox6. “I hung out with her at another show when I went to Oshkosh. She’s a really nice person – a really sweet person. It’s really sad. She’s only 21. Such a young age.”

Temperatures in Wisconsin have been treacherous lately, a representative of the National Weather Service told WATQ, with windchill between -20 and -30 degrees.

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