GIFs from the best commercials of the 2016 Super Bowl

By Patrick Gomez
Updated February 07, 2016 05:45 PM
Credit: Mountain Dew

Football has always been an important part of the Super Bowl, but the same can be said for the commercials!

And between a town of Ryan Reynolds look-a-likes; adorable wiener dogs; and a puppy, monkey, baby creature; this year’s commercials have not disappointed.

PEOPLE has already distilled the best bits of the Ryanville and the Heinz hot dog commercials, but here are GIFs of some other memorable moments:

For weeks, we waited patiently (like the dogs in the Dorito’s ad) for Super Bowl Sunday.

Once the ads aired, we were as excited as this guy from the Icelandic Glacial Water commercial:

Even though the man he was looking at gives us hair envy.

We did feel better about ourselves after seeing this poodle owner’s ‘do in the Toyota Prius commercial.

That is, until Helen Mirren put us in our place in this Budweiser ad.

That rant even took SquareSpace‘s Key & Peele by surprise.

But it’s okay because the dame seemed to get over her feelings very quickly.

And Drake also helped build our confidence back up during his T-Mobile commercial.

That left us feeling pretty happy, like the Marmot marmot.

Speaking of Pepsi, anybody hungry? We know Willem Dafoe was in the Snickers ad.

Former pro-football player (and current Amazon ad star) Dan Marino knows exactly what we need.

We’d love a bite of Taco Bell’s latest innovation. But we (and NBA star James Harden) don’t know what it is yet.

So thank goodness the #puppymonkeybaby was around to bring us some goodies.

And we promise this guy from the Avocados from Mexico commercial that we won’t double dip in the guacamole.

That said, we got our workout in this morning just like this girl in the Fitbit ad, so don’t get in between us and the chips.

And if we hit up the karaoke bar after the game and someone cuts in on our song, we’re probably going to give them side-eye like Billy Eichner in this Butterfinger commercial.

Because we’ve got…what’s the word Kia Optima spokesperson Christopher Walken?

We’d love to provide more GIFs from Giphy, but a call is coming in. We’re pretty much as popular as Lil Wayne in the ad.

Or should we say, like Arnold Schwarzennegger in the Mobile Strike commercial.

So we leave you with a little bit of Ryan Reynolds.

And, of course, a wiener dog.

Look to PEOPLE for more GIFs from the 2016 Super Bowl commercials and be sure to check out our round-up of everything you’ll need to know about football’s main event.