Meet the most adorable (and unlikely) pair of BFFs

Two-year-old Deacon Ross’s favorite day of the week is Friday – and not for the reason most of us love Fridays – but because Friday is his neighborhood’s garbage collection day, which means he gets to see his very best friend: the garbage collector, O’Dee.

Deacon is about to become a big brother, so his family is moving to a larger house that is not within O’Dee’s route.

On the day he had to say goodbye to his BFF, his mom and older sister helped him create a little gift basket to show O’Dee how much they’ll miss him.

When asked who his best friend is, Deacon proudly told USA Today, “O’Dee!”

And as O’Dee’s truck turns the corner, the little boy can be seen excitedly repeating, “O’Dee coming! O’Dee coming!” The man then greets the tot with a fist-bump and picks him up for a hug.

Deacon is hoping that his little brother or sister will be named after his favorite friend. As the two friends parted ways, O’Dee told his little buddy, “I’ll miss you, too.”