1999: What's Hot, What's Not

Rather than letting us get stuck with last year’s trends, The Washington Post published its annual list of what’s IN and what’s OUT. Pencils handy? Anne and Ellen OUT; Tinky Winky, the gay Teletubby, IN. Intelligence OUT; Adam Sandler IN. Whitney vs. Mariah OUT; Brandy vs. Monica IN. Calista Flockhart OUT; Fatboy Slim IN. “South Park” OUT; “Mr. Show” IN. Gray OUT; Color IN. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck OUT; Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson IN. Buffy OUT; Puffy IN. Nicole Kidman’s butt OUT; Jennifer Lopez’ tush IN. Matt Drudge OUT; Larry Flynt IN. Jewel OUT; Lauryn Hill IN. Magic Johnson OUT; Andrew Johnson IN. Kurt was murdered OUT; Tupac is alive IN. Brad OUT; Gwyneth IN. Party like it’s 1999 OUT; Stockpile like it’s Y2K IN. Happy New Year.

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