“15 Minutes,” the new John Herzfeld-directed satire-thriller starring Robert De Niro, Edward Burns and Kelsey Grammer, premiered in Century City, Calif., Thursday night, reports PEOPLE. “15 Minutes” is an edgy action piece about a superstar New York homicide detective (De Niro), who teams up with a New York Fire Department arson investigator (Edward Burns) to track down a pair of Eastern European killers on a rampage in New York City. The thugs, like the cops chasing them, become media superstars. Grammer, 46, who plays an anchorman in the film, said he enjoyed his character because he was so shameless . . . and added that he hopes the film impacts how people view the media. “Playing this guy was a thrill because he is shameless,” he told PEOPLE. “He is without a sense of moral awareness. Totally myopic and driven and self-obsessed. And his whole focus is to get a great story. Doesn’t matter if it’s a true story. Actually, I think it’s very accurate in its portrayal of the media. I hope it might make people think twice.” Burns, 33, who recently became engaged to supermodel Christy Turlington, said the film illustrates the lengths some people will go to become successful. “Whenever there is big money involved, peoples’ scruples are going to be a little off. I think it’s indicative of human nature.” The film also stars Vera Farmiga and Melina Kanakaredes.