See Nick Jonas, Liam Hemsworth and more in our round-up of the hottest selfies this year

By Drew Mackie
Updated November 16, 2015 05:30 PM
Credit: Courtesy Nick Jonas

Celebs have the luxury of being photographed by professionals – people who have built whole careers on making the exceptionally beautiful look even more exceptionally beautiful. But famous folks don’t always need a big to-do in order to look good in a photo. In fact, some of them make do just like normal people: with their phone, a few spare minutes, and a need for Instagram likes.

Amidst all our celebrations of Hollywood’s sexiest men, we’re taking a moment to give shout-outs to some of the more notable feats so far this year in the field of male selfies. These 13 all have a special something, whether that be muscles on display, the perfect suit or just a sweet smile.

(And here’s our challenge to every famous hunk not on the list: We’d be very happy to see you try to outdo these guys. Snap away.)

1. David Beckham starts his 40th birthday with a bang

So this is 40 when you’re a perfect-looking specimen such as David Beckham. With this one pic, he shows us his arms, his famous tats, his perfect scruff and – most importantly of all – what it would look like if we were waking up in bed with him. No wonder it got more than one million likes.

2. Liam Hemsworth suits up, Swiss-style

How do you make the world jealous of Switzerland? Well, with this one photo, Hemsworth not only made anyone not living in Zurich wish they were getting a visit from him, he also reminded us you don’t need to show skin to be sexy. You can also just wear a nice suit and turn on the puppy dog eyes.

3. Zayn Malik, sans shirt

Conversely, you can also do what Malik did: show a lot of skin – and some dude cleavage to boot. He was literally too cool to look at the camera when this picture was being taken, but you know what? It still works.

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4. Michael B. Jordan’s sweet escape

On one hand, Jordan looks cute and happy and just very stoked with everything that’s happening around him. (And why wouldn’t he be?) But the real magic in this particular selfie is that he’s made it very easy to imagine that you’re on that balcony in Capri with him. (And why shouldn’t you be?)

5. The Rock, the eyebrow and the everything else

Isn’t it cute how he’s motioning to his eyebrow like you’re not going to notice those muscles? You’d have to be in great shape to get everything done on that hashtag summary of his day.

6. Scott Eastwood’s Inception selfie

Goofy can be attractive, of course. But it’s maybe even more so when it’s adjacent to indisputable proof of shirtless sexiness. Eastwood was revealed in July as the new face (and torso) of Davidoff’s Cool Water cologne, and while that facial expression suggests that he didn’t take it too seriously, he should probably know that we do.

7. Nick Jonas and other gorgeous scenery

Sure, Cabo San Lucas is beautiful, but you’d be forgiven for paying more attention to the foreground than the background in this snapshot. You’d also be forgiven for wondering if Jonas’ ride has room for one more.

8. Zac Efron reveals additional perfect body part

It’s not news that Efron has perfect hair, perfect skin, a perfect jawline and perfect arms. What this selfie introduces to the Efron equation is proof that he also has perfect clavicles. Have you ever checked out someone’s clavicles before? Well, Efron’s are a good pair to start with.

9. And now a PSA about James Franco’s sexiness

Because Franco is a serious actor, he doesn’t just post handsome selfie after handsome selfie. In fact, if you scroll through his Instagram feed, it may seem like he’s making a special effort to not be that kind of celebrity. (Examples: Franco as Suzanne Somers, Franco as Jennifer Aniston and Franco as a psychotic Ed O’Neill.) That makes the occasional snapshot like this all the more appreciated.

10. Shemar Moore’s master class in eye contact

He knows what his eyes look like, and he knows how to use them. Notice the scruff. Notice the shoulders. But you’re always going to end up back on those big brown eyes.

11. Gus Kenworthy’s Olympic-level selfie

The newest hunky celeb on this list, Kenworthy celebrated his birthday by giving the world the present of his abs. This one deserves all the gold medals.

12. Hunky charity with Tyler Posey

Take a look because the Teen Wolf star is shirtless and hitting that sweet spot between bro-y and hunky. But take a moment and read the caption to see that he’s taking selfies for a good cause.

13. Now with even more Tyson Beckford!

As he notes in the caption, Beckford is now boasting 18 additional pounds’ worth of muscle. Please update your records accordingly.

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