'If he could talk he would say thank you so much," Lisa Barrow tells PEOPLE on behalf of her son

By Rose Minutaglio
Updated November 28, 2015 05:15 PM
Lisa Barrow

When 12-year-old Dalton Barrow’s special-needs stroller disappeared from his Gresham, Oregon, backyard on Nov. 10, his mother, Lisa Barrow, thought she would have to save up for months to afford a new one.

That is until Kool Stop, a Lake Oswego, Oregon, bike and stroller company decided to donate a special use jogger to the single mother and her son.

Dalton, who endures almost weekly grand mal seizures due to a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, requires a unique type of stroller to go outside due to the unpredictable nature of his disorder.

“Dalton loves being outside, he loves the beach – it’s his happy place,” Lisa, 47, tells PEOPLE. “But if he has a seizure outside and he’s not in a stroller, he runs the risk of banging his head on the sidewalk or running into something, and it could be life-threatening.”

She adds, “So when somebody stole our stroller, it completely broke our hearts. We knew it would be a while before we could afford another.”

The mother of three, who is a massage therapist, took to social media to send out a plea, begging the perpetrator to bring her son’s stroller back.

Tim Watson, vice president of Kool Stop, heard about the incident and immediately decided to donate a stroller to the Barrow family.

“There’s so many bad things that are happening in the world, I thought it was the kind and helpful human thing to do,” Watson tells PEOPLE. “I wanted to make it right.”

So Watson arranged for Dalton to receive a special jogger that allows children to “get outside onto trails and walking paths who couldn’t necessarily do it on their own,” he says.

Barrow says Dalton, whose cognitive delay renders him unable to speak, “smiled so big” when he received his new stroller on Monday.

“If he could talk, he would say, ‘Thank you so much,’ ” she says. “He was so excited to see it and to go in a walk in it! The guys at Kool Stop are truly our guardian angels. We were blessed.”