Katy Perry, Stephen Baldwin and more people who've declared their appreciation for something by getting it carved into their skin

By Alex Heigl
Updated November 27, 2017 02:27 PM
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There are fans, and then there are fans.

And if you’re trying to catch the eye of your object d’amour, what better way to do so than by carving his name — or perhaps an illustrated representative of his name — into your living flesh?

Below, a number of tattoos proudly being worn by fans all over the world that show devotion — if not interest in long-term consequences — to pop-culture loves.

Gwen Stefani

The “Hollaback Girl” crooner posed alongside a fan, who got the star’s face inked on her forearm.


One of the singer‘s fans was so pumped about the end of Lorde’s hiatus that she wanted a permanent reminder of her return. Lorde shared a photo of the ink, which pays tribute to the music video for the singer’s single, “Green Light,” on Instagram.

The Weeknd


One fan got a Weeknd “XO” tattoo in tribute to his favorite guy who sings about not being able to feel his face — live on Facebook, no less. Oh, and he’ll be performing at the American Music Awards this year. (The Weekend, not the fan.)

Michael Phelps

“I wasn’t even a big Phelps fan before this, and I’m not really a swim fan,” Toronto tattoo shop owner Ricky Fung told ESPN. “But just seeing him go out and win the way he has has been inspiring to me.” So inspiring, in fact, that he now has Phelps face glowering eternally out from his right leg.

Star Wars

Paris Jackson also has tattoos devoted to her late dad Michael — the cover art to his 1989 album Dangerous, but she added a tiny version of Han Solos’s iconic Millennium Falcon ship back in September. “Let’s hope my little bro likes it,” she wrote on Instagram, referring to younger brother Blanket.

Hannah Montana

Did you know 15-year-old Miley Cyrus once jokingly said that Stephen Baldwin should get a tattoo in order to appear on her show? And then he did just that very thing.

Tony Hawk


There’s a lot to unpack in this image: Why, for instance, is the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (Tallulah) giving the camera the middle finger? Does she mean to discount her “Tony Hawk” tattoo? Also why did she get it on her hip? And does she skate or is she just a big fan of the video games? Sadly, neither Willis nor Hawk has elaborated on this, so it’ll have to remain a mystery.

Drake, Rihanna and a Shark

Fans of the Drake-Rihanna romance were thrilled when the pair seemed to debut matching shark tattoos — modeled after the stuffed animal Drake both her at a Toronto aquarium — in September. Nothing says “built to last” like matching ink, after all.

David Bowie

David Bowie definitely graced his fair share of fans after his passing, with Lady Gaga being one of the most visible people going under the needle in memory of the iconic musician.

Hall & Oates

Craig Beasley

Travis McCoy loves Hall & Oates. He also loves tattoos enough to employ a tattoo artist (Craig Beasley) while on tour, just in case the urge strikes him. Strike him it did in 2008, when he inked both his hands with the pair’s portraits from the cover of Private Eyes while on tour.

Hello Kitty

Katy Perry picked up her Hello Kitty finger ink in 2014, just in time to celebrate the character’s 40th anniversary.

Suicide ‘SKWAD’

The cast of Suicide Squad celebrated the bonding experience of filming by getting a misspelling on their body (whoops).

Ryan Gosling

FameFlynet; Inset: Splash News Online

Singer Ryan Cabrera apparently has a game with his friends called “tattoo roulette” in which they pick a tattoo for each other, but don’t know what it is until it’s done. Thankfully, he seems to like his Ryan Gosling tattoo, calling it “the Bentley of tattoos.”


courtesy Keri Lockhart

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