La'Darious Wylie was struck and killed by a car last Tuesday

By Alex Heigl
Updated November 05, 2015 10:50 AM
Credit: Courtesy GoFundMe

Chester, South Carolina, fifth-grader La’Darious Wylie was struck and killed by a car last Tuesday morning while waiting for the school bus.

Witnesses at the scene, though, say Wylie’s last act was a heroic one far beyond his age.

The other children waiting for the bus said that Wylie, 11, managed to push his little sister Shavonte out of the way of a car before it struck him. The driver then sped away from the scene, The Herald reports.

“In other words, he saved his sister,” his aunt, Felicia Mobley, told WBTV. “And he ended up being the one that’s where he is now.”

Wylie died the following day in the hospital.

“He knew to look out for her,” his mother, Elizaberth McCrorey, told The Herald.

Tragically, the accident took place on the same block as Wylie’s family home, meaning the surviving members of the family are confronted on a daily basis with a memorial set up after the accident.

“[We’re] coping with it day by day, so we can’t really say what’s gonna lie ahead,” Mobley told WBTV. “[We’re] just dealing with it on a daily basis because when it’s a tragedy like this – we just have to deal with it day by day.”

The young boy’s heroic actions have prompted community members to push for dedicating the city’s Brooklyn Park in his name.

A 57-year-old woman was charged last Thursday with felony hit and run resulting in death.