We don't think this is what she wished for...

May 13, 2015 04:50 PM

Louise Bonito’s family was at her North Haven, Connecticut, home on Mother’s Day celebrating her 102nd birthday, when Grandma Louise sent everyone into fits of laughter.

According to ABC News, Bonito’s family presented her with a birthday cake, telling her, “Make a wish, Non!”

Well, Bonito wasn’t messing around – she took a “deep, deep breath” and blew out the candles with “all my might” … and out popped her pearly whites.

The great-grandmother to 18 kids said, “Well, my grandchildren went crazy laughing and laughing.”

Bonito herself seems to have a great sense of humor, as she is seen giggling throughout the entire toothy mishap.

Bonito later confessed she “didn’t feel like putting in that glue that they tell you to put on” – a decision that we are all very grateful for.

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