Yes, you can still eat obscene amounts of candy
Movie Night with Girlfriends
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Halloween — it’s not just for the kids. Though we all eventually outgrow our trick-or-treating days, that doesn’t mean we have to put the holiday behind us entirely. In fact, there may be even more to do on Oct. 31 as an adult. Here are just a few of our favorite options.

1. Watch a scary movie.
It’s the easiest solution to still get your spooky fix, and doesn’t involve you leaving your couch. Win-win.

2. Binge-watch a season of American Horror Story.
Want something a bit longer than a movie to keep you busy all Halloween long? Turn on a season of the always-creepy American Horror Story for hours of spine shivers.

3. Carve pumpkins.
If you want to do something that requires a bit (just a bit!) more physical activity than watching a movie, pick up a pumpkin and break out your carving knife. You’ll get into the Halloween spirit and get an arm workout.

4. Go bobbing for apples.
This is such an autumn activity, but how many people actually do it? Without trick-or-treating, now you can try!

5. Hit up a hayride.
Hey, we get it: You want to get out of your house this Halloween. If hayrides are your thing, there’s no better night to do it — the window of opportunity is closing as winter approaches.

6. Or hit up a haunted house.
Another excellent option for a Halloween adventure, because even if it’s run by a bunch of teenagers, a haunted house will never fail to make you scream your head off.

7. Head to a Halloween party — or host one of your own!
If you’re afraid of getting scared (we get it), skip the horror and instead celebrate Halloween with a party. If you don’t know anyone hosting one, step up to the plate yourself!

8. Bake a candy cake.
Put an adult twist on Halloween candy with a candy-filled cake recipe. Tasty and it’ll keep you occupied.

9. Put yourself into a sugar coma.
Baking isn’t your thing? Celebrate Halloween the same way you did post-trick-or-treating: by eating an obscene amount of candy (no one said you have to share with trick-or-treaters).

10. Hand out candy.
Passing along your favorite Halloween traditions to the next generation? Well, there’s really nothing sweeter, is there?