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June 06, 2016 11:55 AM

They’re certified hotties now, but these determined gentlemen went through some serious awkward phases before blossoming into dreamy Oscar-winners, drool-worthy athletes and beloved teen hunks.

Take a look back at some of the more regrettable moments in the history of Joe Manganiello, George Clooney and Zac Efron and appreciate what a time it is to be alive.

Warning: the images below may be disturbing to some viewers.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The actor recently described this as an “iconic and horrendous hot garbage of a pic” on Instagram. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Let his very bold ’90s choices be a reminder that sometimes it’s best to just play it safe.

Joe Manganiello

This 1996 peroxide monstrosity is simply traumatizing – and don’t even get us started on that little patch under his lower lip. Even Manganiello’s True Blood costar Anna Paquin was rendered nearly speechless at the sight of his pre-millennium mistakes.

Zac Efron

What cruel, sadistic monster let this child get his hands on a crimper? And who inflicted that middle part on his poor innocent soul?

David Beckham

Stu Forster/Allsport

The Sexiest Man Alive has done a lot questionable things to his hair throughout the years, and this 1997 thing is no exception.

Chris Pratt

The world had to endure the sideburn-donning McChest showcased in Pratt’s first-ever headshot so it could earn the chiseled superstar we have today. Just remember that when this tool-tastic image pops up in your nightmares.


Drake clearly has a sense of humor about his wayward teenage style, and apparently so did his parents when they let him leave the house in those unflattering frames.

Colton Haynes

“High school continues to haunt me forever,” Haynes captioned his yearbook shame. Same here, Haynes, same here.

George Clooney

Splash News Online

It may have been brief, but Clooney did, in fact, go through an awkward phase as a youngin.

Ewan McGregor

Instead of going to a barber, McGregor just let his pet guinea pig gnaw his hair into whatever shape it saw fit (we’re guessing).

Tom Brady

Everyone’s wondering if the quarterback will win his Deflategate appeal and we’re just over here thanking the hot athlete heavens he kept getting better looking after prom.

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