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Has Paula Abdul Lost her mind? Jimmy Kimmel thinks so. Plus, more from Jennifer Aniston, Robert Pattinson and other stars

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Frank Micelotta/Getty; Mario Perez/ABC

"Watching Lost is what I imagine it must be like to be trapped inside the brain of Paula Abdul."
Jimmy Kimmel, at ABC's upfront presentation of its new fall schedule

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Scharps/Face to face/iPhoto

"No surgical tweaks. No Botox either. I think it is terrible, these girls in their late 20s injecting their faces and lips. One told me, 'If I kill my muscles now, I'll never get wrinkles.' Can you imagine?"
– All-natural beauty Salma Hayek, weighing in on Hollywood's anti-aging obsession, to InStyle

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Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

"I will not be singing and don't expect any track suits at my wedding."
– Engaged star Jane Lynch, on keeping her Glee alter ego, Sue Sylvester, out of her wedding plans, to PEOPLE

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Craig Blankenhorn/Warner Bros.

"You don't want to see me topless."
Sarah Jessica Parker, on why she's the only Sex and the City star to not have done a nude scene, to Eonline.com

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Most Wanted; iStock

"Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was 1. I've been on solids for about 40 years now."
Jennifer Aniston, denying reports that she was on to PEOPLE

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Gus Ruelas/AP; DC Comics

"It's like Superman with the cape."
Bret Michaels, on continuing to wear his signature bandanna even during his hospital stay for his brain hemorrhage, on The Oprah Winfrey Show

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Tony Barson/WireImage

"I'll starve to death before I'll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating."
Megan Fox, to Allure magazine

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Planet Photos/Zuma; Kevin Winter/Getty

"I took a picture with Ron Howard last year at the Oscars. I thought it was the funniest thing. I asked, 'Is it for your kids?' He said, 'No, it's for me.'"
Robert Pattinson, to USA Today

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage

"I've always wanted to be a woman. For 5 minutes."
Sting, who got his wish when he appeared in drag for a rendition of "Big Spender" at the Rainforest Fund's 21st birthday celebration, to PEOPLE

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INF; Isaac Brekken/WireImage

"I'm terrified this is what [young] people are going to think adults are supposed to be like. It makes me feel like I actually am a good influence on kids."
Sarah Silverman, on reality shows like The Real Housewives and The Bachelor, to PEOPLE

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