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Lauren Burnham Shares Photo Tandem Nursing Twins, Calls Breastfeeding 'One of the Hardest Things'

"I'm in awe of all the ladies that make it look so effortless and even the ones who don't. You. Are. Superheroes," Lauren Burnham Luyendyk says of breastfeeding

James Gunn Accuses Martin Scorsese of Criticizing Marvel to 'Get Attention' for His Own Movies

James Gunn explained on the Happy Sad Confused podcast why he thinks Martin Scorsese's 2019 "not cinema" comment about Marvel seemed "awful cynical"

Aaliyah's Estate Slams 'Unscrupulous' Effort to Release Her Music 'Without Transparency'

"We want to preempt the inevitable attacks on our character by all the individuals who have emerged from the shadows to leech off of Aaliyah's life's work," the statement read

Ben Higgins Opens Up About Shifting His Engagement Party Due to COVID: We've 'Learned to Adapt'

"Jessica and I have learned to adapt and stay open to whatever the world brings us," says Ben Higgins, who changed engagement party plans due to COVID

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Pregnant Ashley Iaconetti Jokes About Cravings: 'Macaroni and Cheese Has Been Really Good to Me'

The Bachelor in Paradise alums tell PEOPLE about what they're looking forward to most about parenthood