His death was announced on Saturday via Twitter by his brother, Glyn Dillon, who wrote that he died "in the city he loved (NYC). He will be sorely missed"
Los Angeles Premiere of AMC's "Preacher"
Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty

Steve Dillon, the iconic artist of comic books Preacher and The Punisher, has passed away at the age of 54, according to his brother.

The comic book legend’s brother, Glyn Dillon, announced the news early Saturday morning on Twitter, writing that he died “in the city he loved (NYC). He will be sorely missed.”

Born in 1962, the comic book artist began his professional career at the age of 16 by drawing the lead story for the debut issue of Hulk Weekly for Marvel UK.

Dillon’s breakout in the United States came when he collaborated with writer Garth Ennis in the ’90s on Vertigo Comics’ John Constantine series Hellblazer.

In 1995, the two teamed up again and created Preacher. The comic book went on to critical acclaim and is considered a classic by readers, according to ComicBook.com. Dillon was nominated for a 1996 Eisner Award for his work.

The series was created into an AMC television show of the same name, which premiered last year and stars Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun.

The show is co-produced by Seth Rogen who took to Twitter on Satday to express his condolences.

Dillon and Ennis also went on to recreate the character of the Punisher for Marvel, beginning in 2000 with The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank, along with a follow-up ongoing series in 2003.