The MMA star created buzz when she said she'd like to play Carol Danvers onscreen

By Drew Mackie
Updated August 18, 2015 01:40 AM
Credit: Getty; Marvel

Ronda Rousey stands on the edge of a potential crossover. She’s proven herself as an MMA fighter, and her roles in Expendables 3 and the latest Fast & Furious movie showed she can put those punches and kicks to good use outside the octagonal ring.

And now Rousey is stirring up some buzz that she could play a major role in one of the upcoming Marvel adaptations, Captain Marvel, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2018. The film would be the first of the Marvel movies to center on a female superhero: Carol Danvers, a superhumanly strong butt-kicking machine formerly known as Ms. Marvel and as Captain Marvel since 2012.

In a Reddit AMA last week, Rousey was asked what superhero she’d like to play. Rousey picked Danvers, and the internet has had some fun with the possibility, even creating mock-ups of how Rousey might look in the role.

TIME even posted a piece weighing the merits of Rousey in the role. (The TL/DR recap: She’s tough, but still new to the acting game, and Charlize Theron and Katee Sackhoff have long been fan favorites for the role.)

Were the role to be cast with a different actor, there’s surely a spot in one of the major superhero movies for Rousey, though. And here are five tough, superpowered women that she could play.

1. Black Canary

Known as Dinah Lance to her friends, the DC Comics character Black Canary has been around since 1947 and should be familiar to fans of Arrow, where the role has been played by both Caity Lotz and Katie Cassidy. Her trademarks are her mane of long blond hair, a mastery of martial arts and a supersonic scream called the Canary Cry. Her punches and kicks aren’t superpowered, however; those come from hard work and training – just like Rousey’s.

Besides, who says Wonder Woman should be the only female hero going toe-to-toe with Batman and Superman?

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2. The female Thor

Since December 2014, there’s been a female version of Thor who wields that magic hammer when regular ol’ Thor can’t. The character proved popular, and in May this year, she revealed herself to be (spoiler alert) Jane Foster, Thor’s right-hand woman and the character played in the movies by Natalie Portman.

Naturally, Portman should have dibs on the role, but should she decline and should Chris Hemsworth ever leave the franchise, Marvel could fudge the details and create a new female Thor for Rousey. She already has the hair, after all.

3. Power Girl

Real name: Kara Zor-L. Since 1976, she’s been Superman’s cousin from another dimension – long story – who can more or less do everything Superman does. Yes, she has been traditionally drawn with a sizable endowment and a peekaboo window in her uniform. Ideally, a movie version of Power Girl would downplay this aspect, but otherwise it might be cool for young female viewers to grow up watching a Superman-rivalling female hero save the day.

4. She-Hulk

In the comics, she’s Jennifer Walters, high-powered lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner who gets superpowers when she gets a blood transfusion from him. Sure, we’ll buy that Rousey could be related to Mark Ruffalo if it means seeing her fight alongside the Avengers. Besides, who doesn’t look good in green? Part of the comics since 1980, She-Hulk has been a member of the Avengers – when she’s not kicking butt in the courtroom.

5. Big Barda

In DC Comics, she’s a towering mass of woman from a planet called Apokolips, and she out-powers her longtime husband, the hero Mr. Miracle. Not that it bothers them any. They have one of the tightest marriages in comics-dom. Though decades old, Barda may not be an A-lister, but hey – neither is Enchantress, Cara Delevingne’s character in Suicide Squad. All it takes is the right script to bring a character into the big leagues.

There are others, too, and we certainly hope that Rousey gets to put her might to good use on the big screen. But Hollywood shouldn’t forget that some female superheroes can be fast, some clever and some blessed with psychic powers, but they can also just be physically strong – yes, as strong as the male characters.