PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the cover of Nico Tortorella's new memoir, Space Between

By Brianne Tracy
March 29, 2019 11:31 AM

Nico Tortorella is known for being an open-book — and now it won’t just be figuratively speaking.

The Younger actor (who uses they/them pronouns) is set to release a new memoir in September titled Space Between — which follows the release of their poetry book, All of It Is You, in 2018 — and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the cover.

“I mean let’s be real, who the f— writes a memoir at 30? Ya, I did that,” Tortorella tells PEOPLE. “But it’s actually not entirely about me. The stories of sex, sexuality, gender identity and expression, relationships, family, addiction, celebrity, and most importantly love; all of it is you. And all of it is fluid.”

“We are at the precipice of big changes toward love and inclusivity in major ways,” they continue. “The future is fluid. But so is the past. We as human beings have all always been fluid in some capacity, our journeys perpetually in motion, ready to bend and shift when necessary. It is precisely in that space between where the truth resides. The real magic.”

Nico Tortorella's new memoir, Space Between
Penguin Random House

The memoir is described as recounting Tortorella’s “narrative investigation of love, sex, gender, addiction, family, fame and fluidity through the lens of their non-binary identity.”

This isn’t surprising for Tortorella — who is open about their sexual fluidity and polyamorous relationship with longtime partner, Bethany C. Meyers, also 30, a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur who identifies as gay. After 12 years of being together in an on-and-off relationship, the pair got married in March 2018.

Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers
Mike Coppola/Getty

The book will also delve into Tortorella’s battles with addiction and self-destructive behavior, something they have long talked about. In the past, Tortorella has battled an addiction to alcohol and issues related to body dysmorphia.

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A turning point came for Tortorella came when they examined the fluidity of both their sexuality and gender identity. After that, Tortorella “became more comfortable in their own skin, got sober from alcohol, entered into an unconventional marriage with the love of their life and fully embraced a queer lifestyle that afforded them the opportunity to explore life outside the gender binary,” according to the memoir’s description.

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The memoir’s title references that “space between” in which Tortorella encountered a diverse community of open-minded and supportive peers they’d always dreamed of having.

As the memoir’s description concludes: “Space Between is at once an education for readers, a manifesto for the labeled and label-free generation, and a personal memoir of love, identity, and acceptance.”