The comedian revealed her trials with crash-dieting in her new book, Why Not Me?

By Char Adams
Updated September 16, 2015 11:25 AM
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Comedian Mindy Kaling might seem like a picture of confidence and loving-the-skin-you’re-in. But in her new book Why Not Me?, the actress reveals that inside, she’s just as insecure about her body as anyone.

Kaling describes enduring a 21-day juice cleanse. She had the willpower to maintain it for two reasons: First, she was set to film a scene on The Mindy Project in which she would appear in a whipped-cream bathing suit, é la Varsity Blues.

“The second was that James Franco was going to be on the show and I was going to have a lot of scenes with him. Like every heterosexual woman and gay man in the country, I think James is a very mysterious and sexy weirdo … I didn’t want him to feel my bra-strap pudge on the set,” she wrote

Kaling also admitted that she loved the results.

“Costume fittings were, of course, the best. My jeans hung on me and everything looked so good. I could wear things I had long ruled out for myself, like jeans shorts and midriff-showing tops. Basically I could dress like a slutty teenage hitchhiker and it felt great,” she wrote.

She may have looked great, but her sleep was suffering: “I would just lie in my bed, grinding my teeth, waiting for dawn to break,” she wrote.

Not every cleanse went well. One ended when a writer offered her French fries and she “lunged at him and ate all of his fries standing a foot away from the trash can.”

Just because Kaling projects an image of body-confidence, doesn’t mean she loves being called ‘curvy.’ In her book, she recalled seeing herself in a magazine at her dentist’s office. She was listed as part of a feature called “Curvy Celebs We Adore!” She wrote that she felt panicked as she looked at the actresses who were “much bigger than me” and wondered, “they’re kind of being liberal with the term ‘curvy’ aren’t they?’ ”

“The absurdity of wanting a magazine to have stricter criteria for their piece about non-skinny celebrities was embarrassing and sad,” the star wrote. “I’m not proud of the moment, but it’s an example of when I, too, have fallen victim to my own insecurities.”