Jonathan Van Ness Says 'There's Nothing Off-Limits' in New Book 'Love That Story' — See the Cover

"I can't wait for people to laugh along with me as I attempt to make sense of some of our most pressing issues," Jonathan Van Ness tells PEOPLE

Jonathan Van Ness book cover
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Jonathan Van Ness is getting ready to release a new collection of essays.

The Queer Eye star, 34, shares the cover art for his second book, Love That Story: Observations from a Gorgeously Queer Life, with PEOPLE exclusively and talks about the new memoir, which is set to be released on April 12, 2022.

"This book is a collection of essays that encapsulates so much of what I've been thinking about since Over the Top," the hair guru says. (Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love, the first book released by Van Ness, was published in September 2019.)

"There are so many dimensions to all of our humanity that I've observed through my life that I explore in this book, and I invite everyone to come along for the ride. From my experiences as a hairdresser-turned-entertainer to the HIV social safety net, imposter syndrome, and dealing with TERFs, there's nothing off-limits," Van Ness says about the range of topics discussed in Love That Story.

The essays in the book also serve as a new way for fans to learn more about the ‎Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness podcast host's varying life experiences and perspectives.

"Throughout my career, I've gotten to interview experts across so many fields from science, politics, academic scholars, some of the most successful people in the world, to working with incredible people both in front of and behind the camera," Van Ness says. "So all of that coupled with my relentless curiosity to understand the world around me turned me into a writer. I love sharing what I've learned in this medium and feel so honored and excited to be able to share what I'm learning along the way."

The TV personality adds, "Writing my second book, Love That Story, represents the growth I've experienced as an author, an entertainer, and a person. I can't wait for people to laugh along with me as I attempt to make sense of some of our most pressing issues."

Van Ness says he doesn't plan to shy away from any difficult topics in the book — instead, he wants to face them head-on.

Additionally, Van Ness said in the book's press release that "the darkness I've survived doesn't define me. But it is central to who I am, and it allows me to sit with conversations and situations that feel a bit uncomfy."

The New York Times bestselling author added, "When you've stared down addiction, abuse, and trauma, you get bored with small talk. Give me authenticity. I want to keep learning, keep writing, and keep sharing with you as we do a whirlwind tour of topics that invite us to examine assumptions, expand horizons and learn more about what makes us all so messy and gorgeous. And I can't wait to share it all with you in my new book!"

Love That Story: Observations from a Gorgeously Queer Life is out April 12, 2022.

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