Luckiest Girl Alive author Jessica Knoll is back with a second page-turner, stomach-churner of a book, The Favorite Sister

By Sophie Dodd
May 18, 2018 12:00 PM

Fans of Real Housewives in need of a summer beach read, rejoice — Jessica Knoll has got you covered. The New York Times bestselling author’s debut novel, Luckiest Girl Alive, was the breakout hit of 2015, instantly topping the bestseller list for months and garnering praise from celebs such as Jessica Alba, Kat Dennings and Reese Witherspoon, the last of whom even optioned the film rights.

Judging by the hoards of celebs who praised her first novel all over social media, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll all be reading and raving about her newly-released second novel, The Favorite Sister, which launched on May 15 and is already popping up on their Instagrams and Twitters.

“It was the most non-stop nail-biting crazy train of a book with one of the most intriguing characters I have read in a long time!” raved Witherspoon about Luckiest Girl Alive, which she also promoted as her book club pick of the month. Sarah Michelle Gellar followed suit after Reese recommended the book, suggesting it for her own book club and admitting that she liked it so much, she read it twice!

Lena Dunham, Beth Behrs and Mindy Kaling are also among the ever-growing list of celebs who can’t stop fangirling over Knoll’s deliciously smart, nuanced novels that are every bit as thrilling as they are indicting of how our culture depicts ambitious women.

“I keep stopping to marvel because it’s so good,” Kaling tweeted at Knoll while reading her debut novel, adding that she was already picturing who would play the characters on the big screen.

Now Knoll is back with a second page-turner, stomach-churner of a book, The Favorite Sister. The smart and sharply written thriller is sure to be the beach read you’ll see everyone talking about all over Instagram this summer, and it’s already in the hands of celebs like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emmy Rossum, Minka Kelly, Shiri Appleby and Jenni Konner.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is “so excited to read” Knoll’s new novel!

Emmy Rossum/Instagram

Emmy Rossum and her furry friend are ready to turn the first page.

Minka Kelly/Instagram

Minka Kelly received her copy “just in time!”

Shiri Appleby/Instagram

Shiri Appleby “Can’t wait to read” it either!

Jenni Konner downloaded it on her Kindle.

The plot centers around two fiercely competitive sisters who are cast on Goal Diggers, a Real Housewives of New York-esque reality TV show about ambitious, entrepreneurial women who will do anything to succeed — even commit murder.

After one of the sisters ends up dead, the plot unfolds through the eyes of the show’s stars to reveal who killed her, how and why. Reading this book is as addictive as scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feed, and certainly as binge-worthy as any reality TV marathon.

Jessica Knoll/Instagram

Knoll admitted to NPR that she’s spent a fair amount of time indulging in the “guilty pleasure” of binging reality TV herself, which certainly shows in her extraordinarily familiar — yet still surprising — RHONY-inspired characters. “It’s an homage to them. I love these women. I really do,” she told NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

“For whatever you have to say about them, they are dynamic women. They have strong personalities. They’re loud. And we don’t get to see women act like that very often in our culture, so I think it’s something worth celebrating.”

The novel, out May 15, is already soaring to the top of everyone’s summer reading list — you can pick up a copy at your local bookstore or order it online here.