March 05, 2015 11:30 AM

Not since Ron and Hermione circled each other for 63⁄4 books have Harry Potter fans felt so teased.

To mark World Book Day on Wednesday, Potter sovereign/magic maker/life hero J.K. Rowling served up one of her signature cryptic Tweets: “Happy #WorldBookDay everyone! I’m celebrating by writing a book.”

Naturally, the Internet responded with more panting, tail-wagging and general frothing at the mouth than Fang the boarhound.

So what to make of the hint? Rowling could be alluding to a Muggle world novel – or one of her pseudonymous Robert Galbraith mysteries – but for now, we’d like to enjoy the fantasy that our pal Jo is dipping her toes into the Great Butterbeer River once more.

Of course, Rowling has clearly aced her N.E.W.T. in Divination and seems adept at reading her fans’ minds.

“Why has Percy Weasley got his arm around Narcissa Malfoy?” she Tweeted along with a fan’s cosplay photo on Wednesday. “Find out in my new … kidding. I’M KIDDING. #NotAPrequel.”

Now she’s just twisting the Basilisk fang. (Also, excuse us while we go write Percy-Narcissa fanfic. Weird, but if Rowling’s not going to run with it, we will.)

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