Gretchen Carlson Takes a Stand Against Sexual Harassment and Announces 'Be Fierce' Book Tour

The former Fox News anchor is taking a stand against sexual harassment

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Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson may have reached a $20 million settlement after filing a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against late Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes, but she isn’t done fighting.

Her new book, Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back, releases on Oct. 17 — and she’s sharing details about her upcoming nationwide book tour exclusively with PEOPLE.

“The decision to go up against a powerful and well-known harasser is an excruciating choice, made with the knowledge that your own reputation and career could be destroyed. I couldn’t stand the thought that a new generation of girls, including my daughter, might have to face similar indignities,” she says about the importance of going on tour.

“This empowered me to reach out to all of the women who contacted me after my story broke — to give them a voice they never had — and to inspire all of us to to be fierce in our lives,” she continues.

The book draws from her personal experiences, interviews she’s conducted with victims of harassment, and research she’s garnered from lawyers and other experts. Carlson says Be Fierce is an extension of her broader mission: She wants to help people understand harassment in the workplace and beyond, and empower both women and men to push back against it.

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“Make no mistake — sexual harassment is not just about sex. It’s really about power,” she said, per the book’s press release. “Sexual harassers feel they can get away with it because they believe they’re the ones holding all the cards. It doesn’t occur to them that the women they’re harassing have power too. We need to encourage women to stop being silent, stand up and speak up and join the movement. Together we can make a change.”

Carlson’s book tour begins on Oct. 6, and will send her across the country. Influential women including Maria Shriver and Katie Couric have already praised her book, and one talk in New York City will be moderated by Samantha Bee.

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“Gretchen Carlson’s very brave and public stance against sexual harassment gave countless women the courage to fight back and is teaching our daughters (and sons) three very important words: it’s not okay,” Couric said of the book, per the press release.

It’s Carlson’s hope that her message will continue to gain momentum.

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“This book is a rallying cry for all women — sexually harassed or not — who want to take control of their lives and their own personal power,” Carlson tells PEOPLE. “In Be Fierce we empower women to realize that they no longer have to be underestimated, intimidated or held back. We realize that we will not be silenced by the ways of the establishment or relics of the past. We will stand up and speak up together and become the women we were meant to be. We will and can be fierce.”

To learn more about the Be Fierce book tour, click here.

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