Connor Franta Announces His Latest Secret: 'I Wrote a Book!'

The YouTube star has written a memoir called A Work in Progress


Connor Franta has exciting news to release every week – or so it seems!

Just one week after announcing his second compilation album Common Culture featuring some of his favorite new artists, Franta, 22, shared on his Twitter page Monday that he had written a secret memoir called A Work in Progress.

And due to pre-order sales, the book has already hit No. 1 on Amazon’s list of best-selling memoirs.

Leading up to the book announcement, Franta posted a series of mysterious Tweets to get his followers as charged up as possible, but the YouTube sensation finally calmed the nerves of his fans with a vlog.

“You literally have no idea how relieving it is to finally be able to tell you guys about this thing,” Franta says as he reveals the book’s cover in a video called "I Have a Secret," which he posted to his YouTube channel.

In Franta’s literary debut, which he has written over the past year, he shares moments from his life since birth, sharing a collection of significant photos – taken of him and by him – and many personal stories.

“I do a couple lighter topics like my childhood, my upbringing, my family, stories from school, dropping out of school and moving to Los Angeles,” Franta says, giving a glimpse at what readers can expect.

“And then I go a little bit deeper and talk about some more serious things like body image, depression, sexuality, and essentially just the overall up and down journey of finding myself and accepting that person,” he adds.

And for those Fra-natics longing to meet him in person, Franta will be kicking off a book tour – complete with a signed copy of the book and a hug – at the Mall of America in his home state of Minnesota, followed by appearances in Houston, Orlando, New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles.

A Work in Progress is available for pre-order now and is officially released in stores on April 21.

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