Our staff shares the books that are inspiring them this week

By People Staff
Updated May 30, 2013 05:00 PM
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You won’t necessarily find these books shelved with self-help, but our staffers found some sage – or at least pithy – advice in their pages.

Share your thoughts on their choices – and let us know what you’re reading.

Michelle Tauber, Senior Writer

Her Pick:

As the once-anonymous advice columnist Sugar, Wild memoirist Strayed doles out deceptively hearty wisdom. Forget sugary sweet: Strayed’s perspective – on everything from broken hearts to writer’s block – is full of good-for-you insight, compassionate sensitivity and raw truth. Plus tons of wickedly delicious humor.

Andrea Lavinthal, Style Director
Her Pick: Shocked: My Mother, Schiaparelli, And Me by Patricia Volk

What first drew me to this memoir is the bright pink book jacket (it looks great on my nightstand). But it’s what’s inside that’s worth talking about. The author, inspired as a girl by the rule-breaking designer Elsa Schiaparelli’s autobiography, juxtaposes the lives “Schiap” and her own mother, Audrey, a glamorous Manhattanite who dispenses humorous aphorisms such as: “Never let a man see you with cold cream on your face,” and “A woman needs a ring and a mink.”

Julie Farin, Senior Public Relations Manager
Her Pick: Resurrecting Venus: Embrace Feminine Power by Cynthia Occelli

In this uplifting guide to love, work, motherhood, the author uses examples from her own life to illustrate how modern women may achieve a more fulfilling life by embracing, instead of repressing, their feminine power. “Women often erroneously confuse femininity with weakness,” Occelli explains. “It’s anything but weakness. Femininity is strength fueled by love.”

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