May 02, 2013 05:00 PM

You need an outsize personality to make it in showbiz – which may explain why stars’ life stories almost always make for lively reading.

Right now a Real Housewives star, a talk show host and a tennis legend have our staffers hooked.

Tell us what you think – and what you’re reading.

Charlotte Triggs, Staff Editor
Her pick: Drinking and Tweeting by Brandi Glanville
This is the perfect beach read. There’s cheating, pill-popping, vaginoplasty, meltdowns … and more. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star isn’t afraid to burn bridges (or stab her ex’s motorcycle tires and write about it). Yet as crazy as she might come off here (and on TV), she’s strangely relatable, like someone it would be really fun to have drinks with.

Liz McNeil, East Coast News Editor
Her pick: Obsessed by Mika Brzezinski
I interviewed Brzezinski for next week’s issue of PEOPLE, so I’m reading her painfully honest new book about her – and America’s – food obsession. It’s hard to believe the super-fit Morning Joe cohost has had an eating disorder since she was a teen. In college she’d scarf down entire pizzas, then run miles and starve herself. She’s even eaten whole jars of Nutella while sleepwalking. She’s better – but still struggles with food and body image, partly because on TV, thin is in.

Andy Abrahams, Editorial Manager
His pick: The Outsider by Jimmy Connors
The ’70s tennis great’s memoir, out May 14, has the same brash, take-no-prisoners style he was known for on the court. Connors was no country-club kid – he came from modest means yet grew up to be the best in the world. He opens up here about his OCD, his gambling and his relationships with fellow stars, including Chris Evert, whom he nearly married. A fun, crazy read by one of the original bad-boys of sports.

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