Don Winslow's new book features six novellas, taking readers on a journey filled with themes from crime and corruption to vengeance and redemption

By Elaine Aradillas
April 09, 2020 03:07 PM
Don Winslow
Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty

Don Winslow has been writing for nearly 30 years. He’s an international best-selling author who’s written 21 novels, some of which have been turned into movies.

Despite having written 21 novels, international best-selling author Don Winslow continues to wade through uncharted territories.

Winslow’s new book Broken, which was released on Tuesday, is a collection of six novellas connected by its themes: crime, corruption, vengeance, betrayal, guilt, and ultimately, redemption.

“Some of these stories I’ve had running around in my head for years. I’ve been writing mostly epics like the drug trilogy that spans decades and continents and many characters,” he tells PEOPLE. “But I had these other ideas – I knew they were not epics, but I also knew they weren’t short stories.”

Fans will be delighted to know that several of his well-known characters from previous books are brought back as main characters and cameos.

Don Winslow

For example, in his story titled ‘Paradise,’ best friends and hydro-cannabis entrepreneurs Ben, Chon and O decided to expand their distribution territory from the mainland to the islands of Hawaii while on vacation. In the process, they arouse the hostility of a local crime syndicate and turn their paradise into a battle ground.

In addition to the trio, there are also appearances by Boone Daniels and Neal Carey, beloved characters whom fans often ask about while on book tours, he says.

Winslow was prepared to be on a 20-city book tour for Broken but the coronavirus pandemic forced him and his team to rethink their strategy and plan a virtual tour.

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“We’re all in uncharted territory,” he says. “I feel really strongly about these bookstores and these booksellers. They were with me when I was selling two books at these events. They’ve supported me for 30 years. Without them and without those readers, I don’t have this job that I love and that I’m grateful to have.”

His book is available wherever books are sold. Click here for more information about his virtual tour.