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January 17, 2017 06:04 AM

Goodnight Moon, the popular children’s book that just about everyone’s heard before getting tucked in, just got a mature makeover.

Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive and The Sleep Revolution, has created a modern retelling the of the bedtime favorite for the digital age called Goodnight Smartphone. The playful story, available exclusively as an audiobook narrated by Huffington, talks of putting away technology before bed in order to achieve a peaceful night of sleep.

Huffington was inspired to write it after visiting Audible earlier this year to speak about the benefits of sleep, where she joked that she wished there could be a version of the story for adults who have trouble saying goodnight to their phones, e-mail, social media and digital selves.

“I have always loved Goodnight Moon and its message that bedtime is when you say goodbye to the things that occupy you during the day,” Huffington says. “This is a particularly powerful message for adults in the digital age, so I really enjoyed reworking the classic story for a modern audience. I hope that listeners take its meaning to heart and put away their tweets, e-mails, and stresses of the day at bedtime – the results will truly take you to unimaginable places.”

Read an excerpt below:

“Goodnight dark room.

“Goodnight moon which I can’t see because of my blackout curtains but which I know is there.

“Goodnight sleep-killing blue light from my electronic devices which I’ve gently escorted out of the bedroom. And goodnight red balloon.

“Goodnight bears, goodnight cares.

“Goodnight kittens, goodnight emails unwritten.”

The audiobook is available Tuesday as a free download exclusively at Audible.

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